Chao Tang

Chao Tang is a COE (Center of Excellence) research fellow in the Research Institute of Electrical Communication (RIEC), Tohoku University.He received his BS degree in material physics from Nanjing University in 2016 and received his Ph.D. degree in Material Science from Tohoku University in 2021. Chao Tang's work focuses on the preparation and application of Van der Waals crystals. His current research interests include two-dimensional (2D) materials and the creation of terahertz (THz) light sources.

Work Experiences

Tohoku University, RIEC

Sendai, Japan
Research Fellow
Center of Excellence (COE)
Assistant Prefossor
2021 - Present

Research fellow in the Research Institute of Electrical Communication (RIEC), Tohoku University. Development of the field effect transistor (FET) terahertz light source and detector using 2D semiconductor (MoS2, InSe, etc.) and 2D semimetal (graphene, silicene). Construction of the pump-probe optics system and terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) optics system.

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

Tokyo, Japan
Research Fellow (DC1)
2018 - 2022

Development of THz light source via nonlinear optical (NLO) process. Construction of deference frequency generation (DFG) optics system implemented with gallium selenide (GaSe) and gallium phosphide (GaP) crystal. Development of THz imaging system and the application of THz wave in nondestructive detection.

Tohoku Univeristy

Sendai, Japan
Research Assistant

Crystal growth of Van der Waals crystals (GaSe, InSe, Bi2Se3, MoS2. etc.). Creation of low-temperature liquid phase crystal growth method. Development of vapor-pressure-controlled crystal growth method. Construction of photoluminescence (PL) and Raman spectroscopy experiments system.


Ph. D Material Sciencs

Tohoku University
2018 - 2020
Research about the nonlinear optical phenomenon (SHG, DFG), the THz technologies (THz-TDS, pump-probe), and crystal growth technique. Investigation of Van der Waals crystals and 2D compounds.

MS degree, Material Science

Tohoku University
2016 - 2018
Learned material characterization skills like transmittance electron microscopy (TEM) and reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED). Also, learned the skills for material preparation, such as molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

BS degree, Material physics

Nanjing University
2012 - 2016
Learned the basics of condensed matter physics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, thermal dynamics, etc. Learned advanced mathematics. Trained for writing and listening language skills of Japanese and English.

Professional Skills

Top Skills


Optics system construction

Expert, 5 years
Constructed the difference frequency generation (DFG) system used as THz light source, the second harmonic generation system (SHG) system to measure the nonlinear susceptibility, fs-laser pump-probe optics system....

Semiconductor process

Expert, 5 years
Experience in the thin film preparation technique, including CVD, PVD, MBE, for more than five years. The ability of microfabrication technologies like electron beam etching, photolithography, focused ion beam etching...

Crystal growth

Expert, 4 years
Experience of crystal growth of layer-structure crystals for four years. Creation of low-temperature solution crystal growth method. Design of multi-furnace/ multi-thermal-couples growth system. Experience of Bridgman method, travel heater method, zone melting method.....

Other Skills

XRD Raman SEM/TEM AFM XPS Japanese (JLPT-N1)
ab initial sim. ABINIT/VASP/QE Python C++ HTML RF device

Peer-review for journal:

Journal of Crystal Growth Materials Research Express Physica Scripta Applied Physics Express ...


Crystal growth

GaSe, InSe ...

DFG optics system

Using GaSe, InSe

THz spetrometer

Nondestructive detect

VDW crystals

cleavage and transfer

VDW force

direct measurement

Thin film growth

RHEED in MBE growth